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In late 2012, I created a project out of discovering my passion for fitness and health in my life. My project was to become a certified personal trainer. This project was influenced by an organization that I volunteer for, named New Pathways For Youth. We are a non-profit organization that matches at-risk young people with positive adult mentors. In our program, the youth create projects year round to help them achieve their goals and transform their lives. This was exactly what I was up to.

After a few months of studying through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, I embarked on creating In Action Fitness, LLC. I created In Action Fitness, to create a platform for people interested in improving their lives through fitness. I discovered that when I took control of my health, everything else in my life worked. I learned that to take care of other people, you first need to take care of yourself This is what being "in action" with your LIFE, is all about.

While creating my business, I discovered another passion of mine. It wasn't a "new" passion, but something that I had always been interested in...nutrition. Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend, I discovered holistic nutrition, and enrolled with the Energetic Health Institute, studying to become a Licensed Holistic Nutritionist. I will complete the program and become licensed in 2015!

I believe that our health should be each individuals number one priority. As I mentioned earlier, how can expect to take care of other people, if we are not taking care of ourselves? In Action Fitness is dedicated to more than just personal training and nutritional counseling. we are here to help everyone realize the power we each have to transform our lives into whatever it is that we want.